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image of installer
CHAMPi WoT Mods Installer

#01 for WoT v1.23.0.1
2023-11-30 21:31:07

Mod Description
Windows installation application for CHAMPi WoT mods
Full Description Here comes the long awaited installer for my mods. It contains *ALL* my mods. Choose installation directory and select the mods you want to install. That's all!
image of installer
Armor Calculator Pro

v0.94.002 for WoT
2023-11-30 21:29:44

Mod Description
Displays tanks armor information on the HUD
Full Description The mod shows the tank armor at the aiming position - armor calculator that supports all types of shells (includes modern shell mechanic) - supports reduced pen power over distance - optional extended armor info messages (i.E. "ONLY WITH +RNG PEN") to display 'sure' hits or hits only with positive RNG - can display armor information from allied tanks (optional) - highly customizable settings interface (change in-game messages directly in the settings GUI) - mod is using real flash actionscript 3, no external flash library is needed (say goodbye to GUIFlash) - this mod was included in the unreleased proHUD mod and is now available as standalone version
image of installer
Tank Rating Colors

v1.31.007 for WoT
2023-11-30 21:04:21

Mod Description
Repaints tanks based on winrate or WGR rating
Full Description This mod allows you to take control of the tank paintings based on the WGR (WarGamingRate) or on WN8 winrate. You can define which tank parts are recolored and if camouflages should be removed or left be untouched. The WGR values that are used to recolor the tanks are "based" on the WN8 color table but ITS NOT colored by the WN8 value! But you can be sure when you see an unicum colored tank, it plays at least at a WGR of 9000! All options are fully customizable in a settings dialog. You can reach it by pressing ESC in the hangar.
You’ll find it under the button “Mods Preferences”. Language-Files are available for english, polish and german. If anyone can help to translate it to another game language feel free to send it to me.
image of installer
Tank Carousel Pro

v0.82.008 for WoT
2023-11-30 21:03:34

Mod Description
Some improvements for the tank carousel
Full Description
  • Allows to increase the max. number of rows in tank carousel
  • Allows to switch between small and large tank carousel icon
  • Allows to remove tank state warnings messages like "Crew Incomplete"
  • Allows to remove the darken background for locked vehicle
  • Allows to remove the simple vehicle parameters from the tank tooltip
  • Allows to display all tank parameters in the tank tooltip
  • Allows to remove the colored parameters from the tank tooltip
  • Allows to remove "Earning bonds info" from the tank tooltip
  • image of installer
    Sixth Sense Timer

    v2.01.002 for WoT
    2023-11-30 21:01:20

    Mod Description
    Starts a visual countdown after you was spotted
    CTRL-SHIFT L to unlock/lock pane
    Full Description This mod allows you to display a timer in the HUD which counts down to 0 after you was spotted by an enemy. The countdown time is adjustable in a settings dialog. The countdown should remember you that you're still visible to the enemy and stay in cover until the countdown reached 0. Note: This mod only works if your commander of your tank has the perk "Sixth Sense". Info: Press CTRL-SHIT L to lock/unlock the panel to move the timer position. Normally 12 seconds should be enough to be no longer spotted, even when the enemy radio operator has the perk "Call for Vengeance".
    image of installer
    Serial Number Pro

    v0.84.008 for WoT
    2023-11-30 21:00:09

    Mod Description
    Allows to change the serial number of 3D styles
    Full Description soon
    image of installer
    Safe Shot Pro

    v1.18.000 for WoT
    2023-11-30 20:54:55

    Mod Description
    A modern version of a safe shot mod!
    Full Description soon
    image of installer
    Reticle Dispersion Pro

    v1.02.001 for WoT
    2023-11-30 20:53:52

    Mod Description
    Reduces the displayed dispersion circle size on the hud to better match the gun's actual spread
    Full Description soon
    image of installer
    Player Panel Pro

    v1.73.002 for WoT
    2023-11-30 20:51:10

    Mod Description
    Customizable tank health bars for the playerpanel with tank class icons and enemy spotted status optional total health pool bars. highly customizable
    Full Description Customizable tank health bars for the playerpanel. features: draws background in vehicle class colors (see screenshot) or in standard green (own team) / red (enemy team) can show only remaining structure points or current/max structure points changeable graphics and layout - you can make your own backgrounds if you like Note: the health bars of the enemy team are only updated when the opponent is spotted and you're in radio signal range (if you didn't spot it by yourself). This rule is also valid for your own team. With other words: YOU CAN'T SEE IF YOUR BLIND SHOT HIT AN OPPONENT! :)
    image of installer
    Minimap Spam Protector

    v1.71.001 for WoT
    2023-11-30 20:30:20

    Mod Description
    Control over minimap ping spam
    Full Description This mod allows you to control how many times a player can ping on the minimap before the pings will be ignored from your client. You can also control if a ping sound is played. All options are fully customizable in a settings dialog. You can reach it by pressing ESC in the hangar. You’ll find it under the button “Mods Preferences” (see screenshots) Language-Files are available for russian, english, german and polish. If anyone can help to translate it to another game language feel free to send it to me. Feel free to send me your feedback, suggestions and/or bug-reports via private message here on the forum.
    image of installer
    Little Helper Collection

    v1.63.002 for WoT
    2023-11-30 20:29:13

    Mod Description
    A collection of useful tweaks that didnt manage it to an own mod. See full description for more infos!
    Full Description The mod collects some useful improvements that never made it to their own mod. Not because they're useless, but because they're too small for an own mod. But now I've combined them all in one mod and give the player control to turn them on and off
    Features: - hangarTooltip -> Expands the list of tanks on which the equipment is installed (in hangar tips)
    - storageTooltip -> Shows the full selling price of modules, consumables and ammunition (in stock)
    - arenaBorderRecolor -> Allows to set a new arena border color. It looks really good to see some fresh new colors there
    - disableHeroTank -> Disables the promotion of a tank in the background of the hangar.
    image of installer
    Expected Vehicle Values

    v1.65.002 for WoT
    2023-11-30 20:28:42

    Mod Description
    Shows expected vehicle damage, marks of excellence percentage and many more infos in real time during the battle. Highly customizable!
    Full Description This mod shows you the expected average damage for each tank, ingame WN8, marks of excellence (inbattle and in hangar, tech tree and statistic tooltiop).
    image of installer
    Custom Outline Colors

    v1.01.007 for WoT
    2023-11-30 20:27:23

    Mod Description
    my version of an outline color mod
    Full Description soon...
    image of installer
    Crew Control Center

    v1.06.002 for WoT
    2023-11-30 20:27:10

    Mod Description
    Extended tank crew data & crew control features
    Full Description soon
    image of installer
    Auto Ignore Pro

    v1.02.011 for WoT
    2023-11-30 20:26:12

    Mod Description
    Ignore of players by vehicles
    Full Description Allows you to make a list of vehicles that you do not want to communicate with in battle. You can choose to ignore it temporarily or just for the current fight. You can start the ban wave manually by pressing the defined hotkey
    image of installer
    Arty Impact Radius

    v0.99.008 for WoT
    2023-11-30 20:24:28

    Mod Description
    Displays the radius of the arty shell impact
    Full Description soon
    mod preview image
    gambiter GUIFlash


    Mod Description
    This is not a standalone modification. It's an extension for WoT modders that allows you to dynamically create components for displaying text and graphic information in the flash interface of the game World of Tanks. Components are created and managed using Python scripts (client modifications).
    Full Description Hotfix for broken Steel Hunter mode - please delete older version of this library.
    image of prohud

    In development

    Mod Description

    Full Description